Monday, 7 June 2010

Meeting 8 June 6pm onwards

The meeting will be at the Saw Mill Yard space, unless the weather is super, and then perhaps we will have part of it in a beer garden.

However, we could do with being indoors with walls for some of the time as my plan is to try and kick start some discussion as to what 'Black Lab'/ no name lab could become, try and pin a name to it, and come up with some ways to describe it both internally and externally.

Will most likely involve paper, pens and post it notes. Woo hoo!


  1. Hello. Ooo, 'twas a good meeting last night. Good to do things in a slightly different way. I am looking forward to Lucy's minutes, & to being able to post lots of comments on them!

  2. Fingers at the ready James! Will be gracing this here blog with pictures of post-it notes later today!

  3. Good stuff. I wonder if we can get Dan to transcribe that lovely thing from the 16 Beaver publication for us? I think it would be a really good starting place for a discussion on here, as well as just a way of recording part of last night. I am not sure if Dan has signed up to the new blog yet...

  4. Hey, yes I thought it was a good meeting too!