Thursday, 10 June 2010

Next Lab Meeting

Just a thought, but I'd be interested in watching an artist documentary that's just under an hour long with anyone who might be interested. We could do it down at the space. It's called "Last Supper" (kind of nice connection to the Last Supper thing at Black Lab), and I haven't watched it yet, though from reviews etc. sounds very interesting (always need to see for yourself though right! nullius in verba etc). It's about the practise of serving prisoners a last meal before they are executed (another word for murdered). I can bring it along as an option to the next meeting if anyone's interested (we can always watch it another day).



  1. I thought I had already commented on this... Sounds good, Martha. Dark, but good. Not sure if the chair choses what gets shown, under the new system? Rob & Terry?

  2. No bother, either way I'll bring it and we can decide on the night, or arrange a time to come down on a different day etc. Just know it'll be there, and we can do what we want with it! xm

  3. My impression was that it we thought we should leave it open for people to put forward ideas about what could be shown. I reckon email Rob and Terry and see what they've got in mind.